Monday, May 16, 2011


I sit here this morning,  with regret pouring from every crevice.  I should not have sent that e-card for Mothers Day.  That opened the trenches for revenge.   I'm always filled with hope, that people will change, see their wrong, and do right.  But this morning I'm filled with sadness, and regret.  I regret having that hope, and I'm angry with myself for allowing my heart to lead.

When will I learn?  She will never change, and her revenge and betrayal continue.  Its a game to her, just a mere game.  She has to win, I guess.  But when will she figure out that she has lost, so much.  A wonderful daughter with a spectacular husband and three beautiful grandchildren that are grown now, she has missed out on so much.

Fantasy birth mom, has definitely died.  And she does, only exist, in my mind.

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